What They’re Sayin’..

Here’s What Folks Are Saying About Country Lane BBQ Sauces:

“Used your Pineapple Chipotle sauce as a glaze on some
salmon steaks. Absolutely FABULOUS! As a matter of fact, my
husband doesn’t want salmon prepared any other way any more!
We’re using your sauces on just about everything, telling our
everyone we know about them and even give your sauces as gifts!”

Cathie H., Ohio

“Just wanted to drop you a line and say how great your BBQ
sauce is! Everyone who tries it absolutely loves it…Mom was
VERY happy with her dinner and she said the sauce was excellent.
She’s normally picky when it comes to BBQ sauce and finds many
to be too sweet for her liking. She found the Apple Pepper sauce
to be perfect for her tastes. I couldn’t take all the credit for
the delicious ribs and told her about the sauce and who I
purchased it from. Personally, I prefer the Pineapple Chipotle
because it’s full of flavor but has that spicy kick that makes
you come back for more. I tell everyone at work about how great
your products are and I put it on just about anything I can.”

Pete C., Ohio

“I actually did BBQ beef ribs, slow cook all day with the
chipotle……WOW loved it. I love the packaging. It is going to
be a featured item in our gift shop and we are excited about
it. I will be in touch soon.”

Sue L., Hollwood Casino, Toledo

“My wife and I tried your sauce today and we love it. At first I
thought it was too thin to stay on the chicken breasts that I put
on the grill, but I was wrong. The sauce coated the chicken perfectly
and left a very nice color to the chicken. A second coating and it
looked like a picture in a cookbook. When we ate, I took a little more
sauce and heated it in a separate cup to dip the chicken in as we ate.
You don’t need much to get great results!”

Frank M., Ohio

“I tried Country Lane BBQ for the first time last week and hands down,
the best barbeque sauce on the planet and I have tried a lot! There is
so much incredible flavor and it truly wakes up every tastebud in your
mouth with flavor that is unreal! Thanks so much guys and I am telling
the world about this bbq sauce!

Peter O., Montana