Store Locations

Belleville Market
239 S Main St
Bowling Green, OH

Johnston’s Fruit Farms
2790 US-20 ALT
Swanton, OH

Kazmaier’s 5 Star
127 E 2nd St
Perrysburg, OH

Obe’s Country Store
19963 Otsego Pike
Bowling Green, OH

Root’s Poultry
3721 W State St
Fremont, OH

Walt Churchill’s Market
26625 N Dixie Hwy
Perrysburg, OH

Walt Churchill’s Market
3320 Briarfield Blvd
Maumee, OH


We’re also on the Menu at Fat Jack’s Restaurant in Perrysburg, OH!
They’re located in the Country Charm Shoppes at 120 W South Boundary.
Be sure to stop in and try their wings featuring Country Lane BBQ’s
Pineapple Chipotle sauce!!