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Welcome To Country Lane BBQ!

We’re Chris and Lin Lane, and we’re so glad you found us.

There have been so many requests for our sauces and
recipes from all over the country, we realized it was
time for a website.

Very soon, we’ll have an online store where you can order
our award winning sauces and have them shipped directly
to your home.

In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment (your email
address is kept private) and we’ll contact you via email.

And be sure to enter your name and email on the right to
get your copy of Chris’s award winning BBQ ribs recipe.
It’s bound to make you the champion in YOUR backyard!

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Featured BBQ Sauce of the Month!
Country Lane BBQ is being featured as one of the BBQ Sauces of the Month for July & August 2012 through the BBQ Sauce of the Month Club at amazingclubs.com in Austin, Texas. 900 jars of our Pineapple Chipotle sauce was shipped out this week to Texas and it will be shipped out from there to the Club members in 48 states!